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Elegance on Your Table
Elegance on Your Table
Fine, Durable, Elegant Tableware
Discover Korkmaz tableware products for the perfect presentation of the flavors created. Durability for a lifetime, integrated with delicacy and details. Everything at Korkmaz is there to add flavor to every moment.
Balance; It keeps flavor and presentation together at a table.
Balance of Perfection
A sleek and modern design line or a sparkling and flashy table... A visual feast in presentation for those who create wonders in the kitchen with Korkmaz. With the subtleties of porcelain and tastefully crafted long-lasting patterns, Korkmaz is the crown jewel of tables.
Fork Spoon Knife
and Flavor
It's time to make the right choices. Give your time in the kitchen the time it deserves and rely on the power of steel for stylish touches to your flavor.
When you're ready, let's begin...
From starter to main course, soup to dessert. You equip a table from start to finish, the rest is up to us. Let's start when you are ready for a visual feast on your table with the right tableware products.