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Your Helpers in the Kitchen
Your Helpers in the Kitchen
Comfortable, Resourceful, Electric
Rediscover your own small talent with Korkmaz, the expert in the kitchen and taste. Our innovation team is always working to create more comfortable flavor spaces. Korkmaz electrical appliances are waiting for you so that you have less time to create flavor in the kitchen and more time for delicious moments.
Beat, Mix, Create Flavors and Repeat. You are not alone in creating wonders in the kitchen.
Our Must Haves
Innovation in the kitchen and creating more comfortable flavor spaces for you is a must for our team. There is always innovation and always Korkmaz in the details decorated with subtleties.
What We Can Never Be
Any product that repeats each other and does not add value to the area in which it is located is not born from Korkmaz's roots. We have existed for half a century with the value we add to life.
Steel coffee pot and
a coffee that tastes like embers;
40 years of memories with Kahvekolik...
Carrying tradition into the future with its design and style.
Korkmaz Kahvekolik is the pioneer of innovation in electric Turkish coffee makers, adding an ember-like flavor to traditional Turkish coffee with proper cooking. Produced with 50 years of steel experience, the steel coffee pot and the details of our innovation team that always desires innovation, traditions are carried to the future.
The right success is rewarded, and the biggest reward is the smile on our faces.
A brand new series
Korkmaz Moderna Family
Whether you want to boil milk, cook Turkish coffee or make coffee with milk, you can do it in the right consistency without burning or sticking. With Moderna, we offer a modern design line to traditional Turkish coffee.